Welcome to Sex and the Sissy!




What’s a nice novelist like me doing in a place like this?, you might ask.  Well, sex is only one of my obsessions, but since it’s also everyone else’s, I figured that was a good place to start.  This blog began as a venue for telling true stories about the intimate arts—stories that haven’t managed to work their way into my fiction.


Believe it or not, though, there’s more to life than sex, so I thought it was high time to expand the purpose of this blog.  Now you’ll find posts about a range of other obsessions—from thoughts on the writer’s life to observations about the political and cultural issues that strike my funny bone or raise my hackles.


In the real world, of course, sex and love are not for sissies.  It takes a tough person to navigate such waters.  And, as Neil Patrick Harris once said about Broadway, this blog isn’t just for gays anymore!!  So please, pour yourself a cosmo and enjoy.


For more information about my other work, including my critically acclaimed novels Chemistry and The Heart’s History, please visit LewisDeSimone.com.


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