Miranda Redeemed

I have to hand it to Cynthia Nixon. She admits when she’s wrong, and she seems to really understand WHY she was wrong. Thanks for the clarification, Cyn. Now I can go back to my “Sex and the City” DVD collection and stop hissing.


3 thoughts on “Miranda Redeemed

  1. My question is: at what point do you actually become gay (or lesbian, another word CN doesn’t use)? Because for me, somewhere between the last time I had sex with a man (1996) and the 5th year of being married to a woman, that technicality ceased to matter. She is new to the community, so her statements were not community-safe. But I got what she meant. And now that she’s clarified, I’m excited someone is saying this. Because while sexual orientation may not be a choice, sexual identity is, to a degree (not for all, perhaps). And in my day-to-day life, my sexual identity is much more important than my sexual orientation. And I lead with it. What business is it of yours what gets my dick hard?

  2. Right on, Ruby! The distinction between sexual orientation and sexual identity is a good one. I have a dear friend whose orientation is bi, but he has decided that he’s more comfortable dating men (for a variety of reasons), so he now primarily identifies as gay. I’m sure his dick still gets hard when he sees Angelina Jolie, but he wouldn’t want to marry her. That’s fine with me.

  3. Cynthia Nixon Now Says She’s Bisexual, Which Is “Not A Choice”, her previous controversial statement had clearly created a stir in the gay community and now it seems like Cynthia Nixon is backtracking what she said, in an attempt to clarify things with the issue of her homosexuality and her opinion about it.

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